What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant or “VA” are terms that are being banded around a lot lately in the entrepreneur and small business communities. So, what exactly are we and what do we do?

In a nut shell VA’s are the small business equivalent of having your very own back office/administration team, without the hassle and risk of having to take on employed members of staff. We work with small business owners to design and execute bespoke support packages for them that benefit their businesses massively. We target the biggest pain points or time heavy tasks within their business and do them for them!

Sound’s simple right? It REALLY is!

So, what are these tasks you talk of?! Let me give a quick run down of our most popular (by no means a comprehensive list)…

  • Inbox management – Promptly replying to email’s and DMs received in line with your business processes and ethos
  • Diary management – Organising your appointments, making sure you’re never double booked or stood up!
  • Social media management – Research, design, planning and posting of content for your selected social media channels. Make your brand sing with branded graphics and make sure you’re dishing out content people will like and interact with
  • Email Campaigns/marketing – Let your customer base know about a particular product or service you’d like to market, or simply use it as a platform to keep in touch. We provide branded professional looking email campaigns
  • Branded documentation set up – We brand business related documents such as invoices, terms and conditions, quotations and email signatures. A professional looking suite of documents can really help impress customers and raise brand awareness
  • Issuing of documents – Great if you don’t want to spend your weekends and evenings keeping on top of issuing quotes, invoices and chase emails

That’s the tip of the iceberg! We really can support with a massive number of tasks to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. Here at Admin Lab we take the time to really get to know our clients and their businesses to ensure we are always providing a great service and adding actual value through what we do. Check out our services page to read a little more about what we can do or get in touch if you’re not 100% sure and would like a chat – we’d love to hear from you.

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