What does utilising a VA actually look like?

What does utilising a VA actually look like?

It can be difficult to imagine what a VA can help you with in your business and what this translates to in day to day life. To make the idea of utilising a VA come to life a bit more we’ve pulled together some fictional case studies to run through different types of businesses and where they can utilise a VA the most. We’ll be posting one of these a week for the next few weeks.

Michael owns a successful property maintenance business; he has five tradesmen that he employs. He chips in and does the manual work himself as well as completing all the associated business administrative tasks – quotes, invoices, answering enquiries, social media posting, payroll….the list goes on!

He’s a busy guy…a little too busy! He is married with two children and has found himself having to use up more and more of his family time to complete the admin tasks for his business. He’s decided that now is the time to get some support.

Enter Admin Lab

So below we’ll breakdown exactly what Michael’s support package could look like with Admin Lab and what impact this will have.

  • Management of enquiries – we can monitor his inbox and social media platforms for incoming messages, answer the enquiries for him and keep him fully up to date with what’s coming in and going out. This way he only needs to get involved with customer enquiries when they’re ready to “hand off” to him. We do all the leg work in the background, all the to and froing to pass over relevant leads to him that he can then quote on and bring the work in!

  • Issuing and chasing of invoices and quotes – We get information directly from Michael as to what invoices are required when and what needs to be input on quotation documents to go out to potential customers. Rather than Michael having to sit down and write these out himself, send and chase we can do this for him. It’s a great time saver and we’ve even branded his suite of documents for him so they have a really professional look and feel.

  • Resource planning – Having five guys working for him is great for Michael’s turnover but it’s all extra admin! Michael wanted to keep the payroll side of things to himself however, he needed help tracking his employees – holiday, sickness, who was on what job when. We set up a really simple but effective spreadsheet to log this for him and keep it updated on a week to week basis – he always has a crystal-clear view of what’s going on with his all-important team.

So there’s three tasks that make up an awesome package. There’s loads more we could do for Micheal such as social media posting, ordering of site materials and logging of expenses and mileage however, we are working within Micheal’s monthly budget for a VA and is these are the tasks that have the highest impact on his business and life.

What's the impact?

By using us for the above Micheal is now able to sit back and relax of an evening with his family and spend quality time with them; there’s no more weekends frantically trying to get on top of quotes and chasing up payments that should’ve been received weeks ago – we have all this in hand for him. As well as time back he now has much slicker processes in place to manage his team and workload, enquiries are handed over when they are in an actionable state i.e ready for a quote with all the relevant information. All this and it’s within the budget he wanted when we had our first discovery call with him!

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful and it’s given you an insight into how using a VA works, no matter what type of business you run I’m pretty confident that utilising a VA will fit in somewhere and you’ll see some massive benefits. Check back next week to see what case study we’ll be running through!

As always please feel free to get in touch if you’re thinking about hiring a VA we’d love to chat!


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