Case Study Two – What does utilising a VA actually look like?

What does utilising a VA actually look like?

It’s time to make utilising a VA more a reality again with our next case study! This time round we’re going to be delving into working with Eleanor.

Case study 2

Eleanor runs a small but very successful beauty salon, she offers various treatments that she undertakes herself as well as doing all the appointment bookings, social media posts and her own business admin. She’s had an influx of new clients recently and wants to hire a fellow beauty therapist to help her increase her opening hours. She’s found her that the time she’s spending booking in clients for treatments is increasing at a rapid rate and her current manual bookings process just isn’t fit for purpose anymore.

Enter Admin Lab

Let’s see the awesome package Admin Lab can pull together for her!

  • Research into the perfect booking system – Some of the initial time was used to pinpoint the perfect bookings system for Eleanor to use! We met and got a really clear idea of what she wanted out of a digital booking system and agreed that we’d spend up to two hours researching the perfect system for her. We managed to find a system that did everything she needed and more – customer appointment reminders, easy to use interface etc

  • Set up and maintenance of new system – We took all of Eleanor’s manual customer files and input them into her new shiny system, did all the set up and now maintain this for her on a daily basis – rescheduling appointments, updating client details etc

  • Recruitment support – Eleanor wanted a new employee on board to increase the hours in her salon and bring more bookings in. We had a chat with her and found out exactly what she was looking for in a person, necessary qualifications and what the job would entail and put this into a great looking job spec document for her. We used this document to promote the role opportunity, shortlisted applicants and even sorted out booking the interviews in!

  • Logging of expenses – This is one of those tasks that is constantly slipping to the bottom of Eleanor’s to do list! We now do this for her on a monthly basis – this ensures that she’s always got a clear idea of what’s going out and get’s her in a good place ready for her tax return.

Eleanor’s package is a mixture of one off and on-going tasks that we support with and this is absolutely fine! There’s no need to be tied into unnecessary monthly retainer packages with too many hours with a VA – we pride ourselves on making every single package bespoke for each client and their business and always work to be as flexible as possible.

What's the impact?

Eleanor is thrilled to bits with her new booking system – it’s one of those typical “why didn’t I do this sooner” scenarios. The time she’s saving each week not having to manual sort out appointments is insane! The research and set up was all taken care of for her and we even maintain the system for her now it’s up and running, she’s had great feedback from her clients too on the ease of being able to book appointments.

Through our support with recruitment Eleanor was able to find the perfect person to fulfil the role and she’s been able to increase her opening hours and client base rapidly! There’s also no more sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach now that the dreaded expenses are taken care of, a really simple but effective way of utilising a VA’s time to get rid of one of those tedious jobs you love to hate!

Sounds good doesn’t it?! If you’re ready to reap the benefits of having your very own VA then we’re ready and waiting to have a chat with you.

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