Case study three – What does utilising a VA actually look like?

What does utilising a VA actually look like?

The last in the series of our cast studies! Last but not least – Jason!

Jason has a good portfolio of on-going clients for his coaching business and a great following on social media. He’s just recently invested in some snazzy new CRM software but is struggling to find the time to keep it updated and make use of all it’s features. He really wants to start mailing out to his growing contact list with a weekly newsletter with hints, tips, useful blogs and information about his business however, this isn’t something he’s done before and he has no idea where to start!

Jason has recently gone through a rebranding exercise and has a shiny new logo along with new brand colours and typography – he has a tonne of training resources that he needs updating with the new logo, look and feel of his brand. This is a task that he is not loving the idea of!

Enter Admin Lab

Let’s take a look at what awesome package we can design for Jason:

  • Management of CRM system – We keep Jason’s CRM system up to date for him with client/prospect info. We’ve also done the leg work for him in terms of the awesome automated functionality this particular system has and set this up for him. This has streamlined his processes and makes the best use of our time when working CRM tasks for him.

  • Mailchimp newsletter – We design and send weekly newsletters for Jason, the content is partially supplied by Jason and partially researched and sourced by us – all in line with what the topics are for that week. Jason has had great feedback on his newsletters and has seen appointments coming in thick and fast on the back of them going out regularly!

  • Branding of documentation – We’ve rebranded all of Jason’s training material and resources in line with his new branding. This gives Jason’s suite of resources a consistent and professional look at feel

What's the impact?

Jason loves the fact that his CRM system is up to date and being utilised to its full potential – when we met he was paying a monthly fee for a product that wasn’t being utilised properly and he simply didn’t have the time to get it where he wanted himself. It’s now a fully functioning, automated CRM system that holds all the key data Jason needs.

The newsletters have gone down a storm and the mixture of content in them, as well as clear call to action has helped to drive up Jason’s client numbers, discovery calls and online bookings. The feedback Jason has had on his new training material has been great! The resources are a living breathing representation of his brand and we’re always on hand to make any amendments for him which he is really grateful for!

With Admin Lab’s help Jason has been able to propel his business to the next level! His confidence has grown as well as his revenue and clients on the books. By utilising a VA he’s been able to get all the niggly little jobs done that have been dropping to the bottom of his to do list forever and, focus on what he loves doing – coaching!

If you’re thinking about scaling up your business and need a helping hand then that’s exactly what we’re here to do! We’d love to hear from you.

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