Working with a VA when you’re a perfectionist

I don’t like to admit this, but I am! I’ve been known to painfully procrastinate over what I’m writing in an email, re-do pieces of work a, quite frankly, embarrassing amount of times and agonise over the smallest of hiccups or mistakes. I wanted to write this blog to talk all about what being a perfectionist and using the services of a VA is like. It’s a massive fear for a lot of business owners and I want you to know

It’ll be ok!

In the Summer of 2019 I took on the amazing, Victoria into the Admin Lab family. This was a big step for me but the time was right, I’ve never looked back and it’s made me appreciate even more how my clients feel when they decide to outsource to a VA!

It’s a massive step to outsource parts of your business to someone else, it’s your baby that you’ve nurtured from just an idea to a living breathing real life business, VA’s fully appreciate this.

I knew as soon as I took on Victoria I had to let go of some of my perfectionist ways and give her the space and free reign to do her job!

Trust is paramount when it comes to working with a VA. I trust Victoria completely with both my Admin Lab VA duties and the client work she undertakes – this means I can chuck things her way and I know that 1. She’ll clarify anything she needs to first and 2. Will do an amazing job.

It’s so important to search for a VA that meets your needs and that you can build up a great relationship with. I guarantee when you find “the one” the perfectionist in you will take a back seat automatically.

I always say that communication is key when working with a VA and it really is – if you don’t give clear concise instructions and have productive regular conversations then it’s likely you won’t see the results you desire. Obviously it takes time to build up trust and for your VA to learn everything they need to know about your business, ethos, branding etc however, I can hand on heart say it’s totally worth it!

I’ve ditched my old procrastinating ways, no more spending ages mulling things over. I’ve learnt to make quick and effective decisions and often use Victoria as a sounding board for a second opinion – this has been so valuable to the progression of the business. Not only have I lightened the load workload wise, I’ve changed my mindset and become a lot more focused and decisive person.

A few tips for the perfectionist in you when working with a VA:

  • Communicate! I know I’ve talked about this once already but it’s SO important. Keep them updated, ask if you’re not sure about something and double check you’ve been clear enough. A good way to ensure you’re communicating enough is to set up a reoccurring call or meet up, you’ll then be prompted to note down agenda points and ensure you are keeping your VA fully up to date.
  • Outsource the right things – make sure you’re setting your VA up for success. Some things in your business are just better suited to you doing them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The last thing you want is to send something over to them and receive it back and still not be totally happy.
  • Be realistic with goals – no one likes the stress of not being able to meet a deadline and this is one thing that can fuel those perfectionist demons
  • Set up a system that works for you both – maybe you’d feel better if you check everything before it “goes out the door” to start with, or perhaps shared folders is the way forward so you can dip in and out when needed. Chat with your VA and work out what is best for you both

I hope this has been helpful! If you’re a perfectionist (or not!) looking for the support of a VA then please do get in touch.

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  1. I love your perspective of having taken someone on, then realising even more how your clients must feel. Empathy, such a crazily useful skill for any business owner.

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